Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products : 2012, Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter Abstracts XML

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Hydroxy Acids, the Most Widely Used Anti-aging Agents   Editorial
Antimicrobial Activity and Chemical Composition of Essential Oil From the Seeds of Artemisia aucheri Boiss   Research Article
An In Vivo Toxicological Study Upon Shallomin, the Active Antimicrobial Constitute of Persian Shallot (Allium hirtifolium, Boiss) Extract   Research Article
First Survey of Metallo-β–Lactamase Producers in Clinical Isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa From a Referral Burn Center in Kurdistan Province   Research Article
Effect of Acute and Chronic Administration of Carbamazepine on Cisplatin-Induced Hyperalgesia in Rats   Research Article
Comparison of the In Vitro Mutagenicity of Artemisia draconculus L. With Sodium Dichromate by Performing Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (SCGE) or the Comet Assay   Research Article
An In Vitro Method for Assessing the Efficacy of Antivenom Against Hemiscorpius lepturus Venom   Research Article